More about Workflow Management

In ASPECT4 Workflow Management (AWM) you work with processes. Business processes are analysed and described in relation to the practical tasks to be performed, the sequence of the tasks, and who should perform them.

A process definition in AWM is an electronic description of a business process

A process definition in AWM is an electronic description of a business process – a template. The process definition includes a description of the process tasks. Besides, it contains a routing, which is a description of the sequence of the tasks. The routing enables you to choose you way through the process or to check tasks that can run parallel to each other.

A task may be manual or automatic. An automatic task is performed by AWM, whereas a manual task is performed by a "task responsible", i.e. a person, a role, a department or a group of persons. A task responsible will usually access the task via the Task List in ASPECT4 Client.

Information about deadline and action in the event of deadline exceeding is added to each task.

The process definition also includes a specification of which applications can support the work with the process tasks, and other information (parameters) relevant to performing the individual tasks. For example, an item number will be a relevant parameter in a process of creating an item in the system. Defining process parameters is a central part of AWM. To this end you can use an advanced formula language to create conditions and calculations. And parameters can be built with SQL and with calls to ASPECT4 modules.

The process definition can be used as a template for creating process instances. Where the process definition represents a possible course of events (the template), a process instance represents an actual course of events (the actual workflow). Every process instance is connected with a container holding all the parameters for this very instance.

Task List

The Task List is the task responsible's primary access to working with own (and maybe other people's) tasks in AWM.

The tasks are kept in Task List folders with controlled access rights; for example, if you are a manager, you have access to see the tasks of your subordinates.

When you have selected a task, the task details will appear to the right. Here is where you perform the task. By using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can report a task completed or you can delegate it to another person. Any parameters of the task can be viewed and maintained here. Authorisations control which actions the individual task responsible is allowed to perform. You will experience the close integration to ASPECT4, e.g. the obtaining of information (for later use) or the direct access to ASPECT4 applications from the individual task.

As a task responsible, you do not have to constantly supervise the Task List to see if new tasks have been added. As long as ASPECT4 Client is running, the shortcut bar to the left will notify you.