Central areas

ASPECT4 is a solid overall solution meeting the needs for administrative management. The solutions comprises a number of targeted trade-related functions. Other parts of the solution are more general, functioning as a basis for any trade solution.

Some of the general ASPECT4 components are:

ASPECT4 Workflow Management, providing the opportunity to model connected business processes to be progressed either automatically by ASPECT4 or step by step by people collaborating on a particular common task.

ASPECT4 Client an ultramodern graphical client presenting tasks and dialogs in a clear and easily accessed way. ASPECT4 Client provides a smooth navigation in any area of ASPECT4 that is relevant to the individual user.

ASPECT4 QueryManager is the embedded report and output generator of ASPECT4. This generator's knowledge of the ASPECT4 database is used for making it easy for the user to convert huge amounts of data into useful information.

ASPECT4 DocManager handles reports and forms, including electronic communication by means of e-mailing and faxing PDF documents in the design and look of the individual company.

ASPECT4 Business Connector is an important key component in ASPECT4 that provides the ability to effortless integrate ASPECT4 with other systems, whether in-house with third-party products or out-house with other ERP systems in a comprehensive supply chain.