For the initiation of the ASPECT4 Version 3 development projects we framed five development themes. All projects, subprojects and assignments are prepared according to these themes.

The themes are:

Workflow Management
By outlining business procedures directly in the ERP solution, your ERP system is able to monitor rules and initiated activities related to the outlined rules. This is a radical change from a "Pull strategy" into a "Push strategy".

Internationalisation and increased intercompany trade
This is about supporting and focusing on external processes, including intercompany trade, different SCM models and external supply and sales logistics. This is ASPECT4 as part of an international setup.

Increased user accessibility
Efficient, intuitive, standardized, easy-to-use and quickly recognized user dialogs. Improved overview and accessibility by using so-called cockpits gathering different, yet connected, pieces of information in separate, yet interacting, sections of the window. Web access and mobility are also dealt with in this theme.

Increased system accessibility
A repeated underlining of the fact that effective ERP solutions are not stand-alone solutions. The maximum value is not achieved until the solutions have been successfully integrated with other systems in an external supply chain – or for internal solutions, not until third-party components are part of the entire ERP solution. A continued development of ASPECT4 Business Connector by adding an increased number of wide-ranging internal and external adaptors. And besides, an eased mapping between different data formats.

A rather technical subject with the objective of preparing ASPECT4 for a system architecture with functional interfaces between database, business logics and presentation. A roadmap in steps provides an SQL service layer between logics and database, and an XML service layer between logics and presentation.