ASPECT4 Supplementary products.

ASPECT4 is an overall solution. Sometimes this involves an integration to other products and components.

Within the ASPECT4 solution you will also find supplementary solutions that are not part of the ASPECT4 foundation but must be acquired to cover special needs.

ASPECT4 DocManager Designer helps you design your own forms.

ASPECT4 DocOrganizer is an advanced system for archiving reports and documents.

ASPECT4 Event and Exception Manager is a tool for remote administration and monitoring of ASPECT4 and servers.

ASPECT4 Operations Manager is an in-house tool focusing on easy and effortless monitoring and administration of software and hardware.

ASPECT4 Business Adaptors are links between ASPECT4 and the outside world, e.g. OIOXML towards public administration.

ASPECT4 MapTool helps you map between different types of business documents – in an intuitive way.