ASPECT4 is built of very stable technology components. Stability, scaling options and effortless administration are keywords much appreciated by our customers and of central importance to their business situation.

On the server side, ASPECT4 runs on System i5 from IBM. Uptimes and security are impressive for this integrated system of HW, OS and DB. Measurements prove that ASPECT4 can easily be scaled between 5 and 3,000 users. In theory, nothing hinders an even greater number of users.

For the client side, EG recommend a Windows foundation, though the Java-based ASPECT4 Client can easily run with other operating systems.

The distinct client/server architecture is based on a service-oriented approach where logical business modules are isolated, serving purposes internally in ASPECT4 as well as externally in web services and business integration.

ASPECT4 is encircled by ASPECT4 Business Connector, which has been developed to facilitate and make more efficient the integration with the outside world – whether in the external supply chain or in the internal value chain. Any internal communication is XML-based. For external communication, you are able to map to many different formats.

Another system, ASPECT4 Workflow Manager, is encircling ASPECT4. This is a system making ASPECT4 an active, guiding tool in interconnected business processes.

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